Symptoms of a Bad Transmission Valve Body

A key component of an automatic transmission is the transmission valve body. Functioning as the main control center, the transmission valve body is responsible for directing pressurized transmission fluid throughout a network of valves in order to facilitate proper gear changes. In the case that a malfunction occurs in the transmission valve body and it goes unresolved, it can significantly impair your transmission’s functioning abilities and pose a safety hazard. To learn about some of the main symptoms of a bad transmission valve body so that you can identify and resolve the issue immediately, continue reading.

Delayed gear shifts

If you experience delays when attempting to shift gears, there is a good chance that there is something wrong with your transmission valve body. Such delays will typically last two or more seconds and cause your vehicle to get stuck in neutral rather than switching into drive or reverse. Make sure to take your vehicle into either an automotive or transmission shop to get your transmission valve body checked out if you notice that delays are occurring.

Knocking noises

Who’s there? If your vehicle is making knocking or banging noises, you may have a bad transmission valve body on your hands. When knocking noises are associated with a faulty transmission valve body, they will typically occur when pushing on your brake to slow down, when up-shifting to accelerate, or when putting your vehicle into reverse.

Slipping gears

Another common symptom of a bad transmission valve body is slipping gears. Gear slippage refers to when a vehicle’s gears suddenly change to a different setting while you’re driving without any warning or reason.

As gear slipping occurs, your vehicle’s engine may change pitch or make a whining noise. Because gear slippage can put drivers in potentially dangerous situations, it is important to get your vehicle’s transmission body checked out as soon as possible once you notice this symptom.

Trouble downshifting

Difficulty downshifting is yet another sign of a faulty transmission valve body. If a vehicle is having trouble downshifting, it means that hydraulic fluid can’t properly enter the transmission valve body. In such an instance, the gears can’t pressurize appropriately, and your transmission won’t operate correctly.

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