How to Know What Type of Transmission You Have

When your vehicle starts experiencing transmission issues, it is important to determine what type of transmission your vehicle has. Doing so will allow you to find the appropriate replacement parts. And no, it’s not enough to know if your vehicle has an automatic or manual transmission—if only it were that simple. In reality, there are hundreds of different types of transmissions that will vary depending on your vehicle’s manufacturer, year, make and model, and even the size of your engine. To learn how to know what type of transmission you have, continue reading.

Flip through your owner’s manual

Let’s start with the obvious. One of the easiest ways to determine what type of transmission your vehicle has is by checking the good ole’ owner’s manual. Often, you can simply pull your owner’s manual out, flip to the section on transmission, and it will tell you everything you need to know—including information on the type of transmission fluid to use and how often it should be changed.

If you bought your vehicle used, however, it may not have come with an owner’s manual. In such cases, you can use the additional solutions listed below to determine what type of transmission your vehicle has.

Take a peek under the hood

Another way to determine what type of transmission your vehicle has is to take a look under its hood. Most vehicles include a sticker under their hood that lists the different components and types of parts that are installed in the car—including the transmission. A quick look at this sticker should provide you with the information you need.

Look for the label on the driver’s side door

If you look on the inside edge of the driver’s side door on most vehicles, you’ll find a white label. Written on this label is a variety of basic information about the car such as its transmission type.

To find the transmission information, look for a “TR” symbol on the label. Either next to or below it, you should find a number code. Once you’ve found the code, you can call a dealership or auto parts retailer to help you determine which transmission is related to that number.

If you need help determining which transmission you have, there are plenty of ways to identify it from your VIN # to the shape and bolt count of your transmission pan. Our friendly team at Transparts Warehouse will be happy to help you identify and find the replacement parts you need. Our inventory consists of an extensive variety of manual transfer case and automatic transmission repair parts from top quality brands such as Alto Products, Transgo, Sonnax, Raybestos, and TCS Performance Parts. To get your vehicle running smoothly again, shop Transparts Warehouse today.