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138400A - ATSG Ford Mazda 4F27E FN4A-EL Transmission Rebuild Instruction Service Mini CD

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ATSG Ford Mazda 4F27E FN4A-EL Transmission Rebuild Instruction Service Manual

Ford/Mazda 4F27E FN4A-EL Rebuild ATSG Mini CD Start your rebuild here... This is a very well illustrated manual with valuable information on the tolerances that the 4F27E, requires. It is the manual all the shops use; if you are planning on rebuilding your transmission yourself I would highly recommend owning one. It is extremely easy to follow and has useful illustrations. Start your rebuild out right with the information this manual provides it will guarantee a successful rebuild! This manual covers: Identification Tag Location and Identification, General Description, Transaxle Internal Component Application Chart, Shift Solenoid Application Chart and Identification, Transaxle Internal Component Resistance Chart, Electrical Component Description, Fail-Safe Operation, PCM Location and Pin Identification, Transaxle Range Sensor Wire Schematic, Diagnostic Trouble Code Charts, Line Pressure Test, Transaxle Disassembly, Component Rebuild Section: Oil Pump Assembly, Forward Clutch Housing Assembly, Rear End Cover, Direct/ Reverse Housing Disassemble, Direct Clutch Housing Assembly, Reverse Clutch Housing Assembly, Planetary Gear Assemblies, Manual Control Linkage, Solenoid Body Assemblies, Bearing Replacement and Gear Set-Up. Transaxle Assembly, Intermediate/Overdrive Band Adjustment, Bolt Identification Chart, Torque Specifications and Fluid Requirements, Special Tools Requirements and List, Exploded Transaxle Views, Air Pressure Checks. If you need a rebuild kit or parts for your 4F27E rebuild please see our store or ask us we will be glad to accomodate all of your part needs.

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