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STL-175-HP - All KM OD High Performance Valve Body Shift Kit KM175

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All KM OD High Performance Valve Body Shift Kit KM175
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This is a high performance valve body upgrade kit for all KM model transmissions with four solenoid ECT's This High Performance Valve Body Upgrade Kit from TransLab Superior will work for the Diamante F4A33, W4A33, F4A22, F4A23, KM175, KM176, KM177 and all KM's. This Valve Body Upgrade Kit corrects or prevents the following problems: 2-3 flair, coast downshift clunks, long soft slide shifts, hitting rev limiter at full throttle, OD not engaging, no converter fill, end clutch failure, part throttle 3-2 bang, neutrals at a stop, 4-2 neutral, delayed reverse, no upshift, slips or neutrals in 4th, slide 1-2, and 3rd gear starts. This Valve Body Upgrade Kit also provides improved cooler flow, lube, & lockup operation, converter fills in park, nice short firm shifts even at max boost, extended clutch & band life. This kit also comes with five drill bits that are not pictured.

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